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FYIFriday: Happy Fall, Pumpkins, and why orange veggies.

Happy Fall!🎃🍁🍂 & happy #FYIFriday.

#DrEric talking to you today about #orange fruits & vegetables🍠🍊🍑🥕 It’s #pumpkinseason so it’s important to know why these foods are good for you...

#drericsdgarden pumpkin & sweet potato, as well as other orange produce have a high concentration of #fiber, or resistant starch which is good for digestive function, cardiovascular function, and can help control cholesterol. High in #VitaminC, these veggies will help your immune system fight off sickness during Fall weather and this change of seasons. Also, #betacarotene that gives them their beautiful orange hue is good for your eyes 👀 and skin. When you are carving your jack-o-lantern for #Halloween this year, or roasting a pumpkin for a #soup, be sure to save the seeds! They are amazing! Full of high concentrations of #zinc & #magnesium & #essentialfattyacids making them a powerhouse for the cardiovascular system.

AND, GUYS: #ProstateHealth! ...

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