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300+ Professional Supplement Brands!

Dr. Eric is pleased to partner with Fullscript supplement dispensary in order to provide you with the most reputable health and wellness brands at highly competitive prices, shipped directly to you! 

You needn’t be in beautiful Santa Monica, or even Los Angeles, to benefit from Dr. Eric’s nutritional advice. Just schedule a phone consultation with him and sign in for direct access to his physician distributer’s portal. Then log on to find Dr. Eric’s suggestions and a product list personalized for your specific wellness needs. 

With Dr. Eric’s 20% discount, prices will be as low or lower than both retail and Amazon. There is NO membership fee, NO sign up fee, and FREE delivery on all orders over $49. 

Click to get started now.

Patient Direct™ by Standard Process® 


Dr. Eric has also created a patient portal with Standard Process/MediHerb, to order your supplements online and have them shipped directly to you! 

Simply schedule a phone consult with Dr. Eric for his suggestions on the full line of both the Standard Process and MediHerb catalogs. Let’s create a personal program including supplements, herbs, and dietary recommendations based on your current health goals! If you have current lab work that Dr. Eric may review, great! Or, he can order new lab work in order to best assess your wellness needs.

Click and use the code WK9G6A to begin the

application process!

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