#FYIFriday: How to stay well in hazardous wildfire smoke - a few simple tips...

Drink lots of water. Use a far infrared sauna. Liver detox protocol.

Herbs to consider:

dandelion (tea, capsules, greens),

globe artichoke (for steamed, grilled, in salad, tea, capsules),


FYI Friday: Just say "No!"

#DrEric’s #FYIFriday tip:

If you can’t say “Hell Yeah!” just say “No.”

Happy Fall!🎃🍁🍂 & happy #FYIFriday.

#DrEric talking to you today about #orange fruits & vegetables🍠🍊🍑🥕 
It’s #pumpkinseason so it’s important to know why these foods are good for you...

#drericsdgarden pumpkin & sweet potato, as well as oth...

Hi everyone👋🏼 Happy #fyifriday 😁🍍

The @argonautnews just released the winners for 2018 #BestOfTheWestside and for the 6th year running #SantaMonicaHealingArts has been awarded top spots in Health & Fitness! 🏆

#DrEric thanks YOU for your...

Dr. Eric on how to help prevent bone loss with your food choices.

#fyifriday folks.

#DrEric wants you to know that 55% of adults over 50 years of age have some form of #osteoporosis or #osteopenia😱

To help prevent #boneloss be sure you are eating plent...

FYIFriday: quality of your nutritional supplements:

#DrEric on this #fyifriday, with a reminder that if you are taking nutritional supplements, please be certain that they are from reputable companies that insist on quality. Some of the companies that we trust and recom...

FYIFriday: The 2018 Dirty Dozen:

#dreric with a quick #fyifriday discussing the 2018 #dirtydozen. Please, whenever possible, buy these 12 fruits & vegetables #organically grown:

strawberries🍓 spinach🍃 nectarines🍑 apples🍎 grapes🍇 peaches🍑 cherries🍒 pears🍐 tomatoe...

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