FYI Friday: Sciatica & Sciatic Nerve Pain 🦵🏽

Both of these conditions have similar symptoms which can include pain down the leg or in the lower back. Dr. Eric treats both conditions with acupuncture & muscular release.

FYI Friday: Wrist Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or Median Nerve Compression, although common, is not the only diagnosis. Here's Dr. Eric with a few tips for wrist pain management. 

#FYIFriday: Super Bloom Strategy 🌼

How to manage your seasonal allergies & histamine response:

1) Limit the causes -consider staying away from foods that will worsen the condition (ie: inflammatory foods).


2) Assist your liver in detoxing the causes -consider supp...

FYI Friday: Just say "No!"

#DrEric’s #FYIFriday tip:

If you can’t say “Hell Yeah!” just say “No.”

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