FYI Friday: A bit about the eggcellent egg👍🏼🥚

Why you should keep eggs in your diet:

Contrary to what you may have heard in the 80’s & 90’s, one needn’t be concerned about the cholesterol in eggs. Actually it is trans fatty acids, like partially hydrogenated vegetable...

FYI: Steak vs Broccoli.

Many of you health conscious folks may have seen this social media meme of 
beef protein🥩 vs broccoli protein🥦...

We’re not here to debate, rather simply to clarify... 

When making food choices, be aware of portion control. 
If you chose to purch...

The Best Way To Beat Breast Cancer is to NOT GET IT...

Some tips to help prevent Breast Cancer in honor of International Women’s Day💝

Dr. Eric on how to help prevent bone loss with your food choices.

#fyifriday folks.

#DrEric wants you to know that 55% of adults over 50 years of age have some form of #osteoporosis or #osteopenia😱

To help prevent #boneloss be sure you are eating plent...

FYIFriday: quality of your nutritional supplements:

#DrEric on this #fyifriday, with a reminder that if you are taking nutritional supplements, please be certain that they are from reputable companies that insist on quality. Some of the companies that we trust and recom...

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